What’s included?

A full tuning includes getting the piano in tune and all the notes working. This may include a “pitch raise” and minor repairs, such as fixing keys or pedals that don’t work, and finding the source of annoying buzzes.

How long will it take to tune my piano?

Typically 2 to 2½ hours, depending on the current state of the piano. If it has not been tuned in a while, tuning usually requires two passes. Repairs add time.

How much does a piano tuning cost?

The first tuning is generally $200 to $300, depending on how far out of tune the piano is
and what else needs attention.

How often should my piano be tuned?

Your piano expands and contracts along with seasonal swings in humidity, predictably
going out of tune, so twice-a-year tunings are recommended to keep the piano in tune.
Once a year is common, but the piano will drift noticeably out of tune.

Do you play Classical music?

If you play keyboard music composed in the Baroque, Classical, or Romantic periods, you may prefer the sound of a “well temperament” piano, similar to what the composers experienced at the time. This will enable you to hear the music with “key color” as it was intended. I’d be happy to discuss this possibility with you.