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Historical Temperaments – Bach and Mozart did not compose in equal temperament. These tuning alternatives can let you hear the key colors that were intended by classical composers.
About Key Color – In Well temperaments, each of the 12 major and 12 minor keys was thought to have its own emotional quality.
The Circle of Fifths and the Octave – Interesting nine-minute demonstration of why the circle of fifths doesn’t quite work.


Sizes and types of pianos

How old is your piano?

PianoFinders: Guide to the Piano World


Bellevue School of Music – a step by step approach appropriate to each age group and skill level; lessons incorporate proper finger technique, note reading, music theory and rhythm while introducing standard piano repertoire.

Bellevue Piano Teachers “We have designed a course of study that is individually tailored to each student’s interests, needs, and learning styles.”

MusicWorks Northwest – a non-profit community music school offering music lessons, music therapy and performance experiences for all ages

Piano Lessons Online – Free lessons and videos

Free Jazz Lessons – Jazz, Blues, Gospel, & Improvisation Tutorials

SHEET MUSIC – Huge selection of downloadable sheet music

Piano solo sheet music – a best-in-class sheet music experience every time


Piano Technicians Guild, the keeper of the highest standards for piano technology

Stage 7 Pianos, giving new life to pianos in Kirkland

Artisan Pianos, with expertise in piano restoration, tuning, and other services

Northwest Pianos – the largest selection of pianos for sale in the Greater Seattle Area.

Classic Pianos – new, used, and restored pianos, and accessories

Davis Piano Service – complete piano tuning and repair service in King County


Martinson Piano Moving – “outstanding customer service from the first phone call to the completion of your Piano move”

Access Gentle Moving – “We will get your piano moved safely, carefully, and gently”